About Us

New York City Wildlife Control was established in 2013 to meet the demands of a growing wildlife conflict problem in New York City NY and its surrounding areas within New York. With that we became the New York’s areas best professional wildlife control service. Founder Alberto Calderon has a very extensive and varied background in trapping and wildlife control. He has developed an innate ability to catch and control any of the many species encountered.

New York City Wildlife Control may specialize in the removal of rat species but we offer just as efficeint methods for all species of Texan wildlife. This list includes but is not limited to beaver, skunks, bats, pigeons, pack rats, woodpeckers, flickers, voles, raccoons, northern pocket gophers, birds, ground squirrels, muskrats, prairie dogs, red fox squirrels, red squirrels, porcupines, feral rabbits, cottontail rabbits, jack rabbits, rockchucks, marmots, badgers, mice, fish, salamanders, all species of snakes including rattlesnakes, garter, bull, gopher, milk, green and blue racers.

New York City Wildlife Control is here for you when you need us any time, Day or Night, in New York City. We promise to solve your Animal Control and Wildlife Removal needs in a professional, humane and affordable way. New York City Wildlife Control, is the leader for Animal Control & Wildlife Removal in New York City FL. We are one of the Nation's largest Wildlife Control companies. Are Technicians have years of Training and College Education to ensure quality service and experience. Our Technicians are local in New York City FL, we understand the need for Wild Animal and we will be at your home FAST! We specialize in: Raccoon Removal, Rodent Control, Rat Trapping, animal removal, Bird Control, Bat Removal, Rat Trapping, Squirrel Control, snake Removal , Critter Control, Opossum Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Armadillo Control, And So much More just give us a call 24/7!